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Acupressure Massage

Acupressure Massage

For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has used acupressure massage to maintain Yin/Yang balance in the organs and to maintain and improve the Qi circulation in the body. Traditional Chinese medicine treats the entire body as a whole rather than only treating that part of the body which is 'sick'.

To achieve health and longevity, the traditional Chinese medicine practitioner will first gauge the Qi levels of the twelve primary Qi channels, and check for abnormalities or blockages and use massage, acupuncture, medicinal herbs, Qigong exercises, moxibustion (fire cupping), or other methods to adjust Qi circulation throughout the body.

Acupressure massage has proven to be the safest and most efficient way of helping the body to become balanced, thereby maintaining health and preventing sickness. Chinese acupressure massage has also proven to be effective in treating injuries and illnesses. While results may take a bit longer to be recognized compared with western medicine, acupressure massage offers the following advantages:

  • there are no side effects
  • acupressure can correct problems at their root in a natural way
  • acupressure does not use any addictive chemicals
  • acupressure increases your awareness and understanding of your body
  • knowing yourself better is key to preventing illness


How does acupressure massage differ from western massage?

Acupressure massage is based on affecting the energetic (Qi) system, as well as the circulatory systems of blood and lymph.